Summer Art Camp
Seattle, Washington

Mural Camp 2012 - The Process

This is the most comprehensive workshop on murals ever offered. Don Rockwell, Seattle's premier mural artist comes from the old school of pictorial sign painting and will share his coveted secrets here. His teaching style is hands on and his philosophy is, "The only mistake is not trying." If you join us, you will succeed.

Mural Camp Structure
This exciting project will cover all the fundamentals of creating a mural from conception to completion. Each of the four-day sessions will have a beginning, a middle and an end. Each will lead to the next, and all participants are encouraged to stay on for the duration.




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Good Design is Greater than the Sum of its Parts
We start with an idea where we discuss theory, color and composition. Due to time constraints, the mural will have been carefully designed in advance but Rockwell will share his insider secrets that got it there, including brainstorming, thumbnails, research and the conceptual moment when the mural took shape and the magic began.

Learn Art Techniques Not Taught in School
We will all participate in the layout process which can be done with patterns and/or scaled drawings. Here you will learn the technique that Michelangelo used to paint the Sistine Chapel and you'll learn about pouncing, scaling and inking. And for those of us who choose to, we will also be safely handling ladders, planks and staging in our rigging segment.

Getting Our Hands in the Paint
We are all here to get our hands in the paint, so the second day is where the fun really kicks in with the secrets of mixing colors, oiling and the creation of our own pallet. We will be familiarizing ourselves with the materials and brushes. We'll learn the difference between a fitch and a quill and how to cut, fill and blend. This is the day we put color to the wall and passersby stop and take notice!

We will continue to learn through experience and bring to life what - up until then - was only imagined. After four rewarding days on the wall, the fruits of our labors will now have blossomed into a rich, impressive work of art. You'll smell the fresh scent of linseed oil wafting through the summer air and there'll probably be a little paint splattered on your shoes. You'll have all the information and experience you need to paint a mural of your own and an adventure of a lifetime!

You're a Walldog!

Location: Silver Platters Music Store
We are proud to announce that Silver Platters will host this extravaganza at their Fifth Avenue and Roy Street flagship store, where Don Rockwell has been seen “on the wall” producing ever-changing, hand-painted album art for several years. Fiercely independent, Silver Platters offers the city’s largest selection of music, movies, books and more. They also host live in-store performances by some of the region’s hottest bands.

Daily Logistics
Each day will include a refreshing and nutritious lunch, plenty of soft drinks, a covered area to have a break and of course, access to clean restrooms and everything you'll need to become the world's next Walldog!

We hope you'll join us - it'll be a blast!

Don Rockwell
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